This week, the conversation turns away from the Sratha-din and right around to Kenosh — and Clovis isn’t the type to mince words! Kenosh isn’t too keen on sticking around (as I’m sure neither are Quinlan and Dakkan), but Clovis is pushing his case pretty hard!


A quick update on the book front! The initial shipment of 50 books has left the printer and is (at the time of this writing) sitting in a customs office in Hong Kong, preparing for its aerial journey across the sea and to my doorstep — hopefully in time for next week’s post!

Due to a minor miscommunication, this initial 50 copies will have glossy laminate covers as opposed to the standard matte finish. I suppose that makes them a kind of “special edition”? Well, any that aren’t sold at Boston Comic Con in August will be held for readers here who want to buy them — I’m hoping to get the online store figured out around mid-August after that (but before Baltimore).

We’ve got some great guest art this week (and next week, and the week after that!) of a character who hasn’t made an official introduction yet, but has been looming in the background for a good deal of this chapter. General Tosch!


SaraaLuna was participating in a Tumblr meme where readers supply a color palette from a selection of color palettes and then offer a character to draw. LadyoftheShield, wonderful Western Deep reader that she is, suggested General Tosch with this earth-tone color scheme, and SaraaLuna was more than happy to oblige!

We haven’t really seen any of General Tosch in the comic yet, but there was a good deal of concepting done of him back in the early days. I’ve been excited for his return, and this piece of guest art has me even more excited to introduce him! Thanks Saraa for the wonderful art, and thanks LadyoftheShield for recommending it!