And with this, our first visit to Deltrada comes to a close! Clovis does have a way with words — both spoken and unspoken. He’s also apparently pretty good at making an exit, though I suppose it helps when you’re surrounded by powerful soldiers directly under your command.


In the original draft of the script, this whole exchange was actually intended to be silent, and Kenosh/Dakkan/Quinlan voluntarily left the room in a display of forced niceties. However, in light of the tweaks made to earlier pages, Clovis was now the one leaving the room, and the tension in the script was ratcheted up a fair bit. Because of this, Rachel took an initial pass at dialog for the scene during the initial tiedown process (shown above).

As you can see, many of these lines made their way directly into the final page, and others with a few tweaks. These sorts of things rank among my favorites when it comes to page creation — Rachel’s take on a scene or plot twist can sometimes be very different from my own, giving me a brand new outlook to a scene or character point I’ve been turning over in my head for years. Also, more often than not, I’ll find myself getting on board with a proposed change, and so far I’ve always been happy with the result.

This week, we’ve got some great guest art, once again courtesy of that awesome Tumblr palette meme! This wonderful piece of Quinlan was drawn up by Draco Meteoric and is freaking sweet!


I honestly can’t get enough of this meme. In addition to some incredible BWD artwork that’s been drawn up, the creative use of the limited palette has produced some very striking pieces. I love that the brown and green in Draco’s Quinlan piece above, for example, are reserved exclusively for Quinlan’s eyes the deeper shadows around his shoulders, respectively. It really is an awesome piece, Draco — thanks so much for doing it! And also thanks to BWD reader LadyoftheShield for suggesting Draco draw it!