This week, the scene shifts back to the Sratha-din! Deltrada looms large ahead of them, and with the Ermehn preparing for battle, it would seem conflict is now inevitable. I love the mood that Rachel evoked for this scene.


Originally, this sequence took place in the same area as the previous Sratha-din scene, but a few discussions later, we decided that the best course of action (for pacing and for mood) would be for the Ermehn to have moved closer to the garrison. Rachel proposed this awesome overhang, and we never looked back!

This week, we have a couple of fun pieces of art to go along with our scene change! Anna, younger sister of regular Beyond the Western Deep contributor and commenter Shiitake-Issues, has completed a fantastic four-piece set of artwork detailing Quinlan and Dakkan, and highlighting some of the more prevalent differences between the two of them:


When it comes to the William Tell routine, Quinlan’s probably the guy you want pulling the string. However, when the roles are switched…


 … It’s pretty clear that Dakkan has no idea how a bow works. Quinlan also seems a bit uncertain about his current predicament. His face says a lot to me — most notably “I immediately regret this decision!”


Well, long story short, Dakkan appears to have clipped Quin’s ear with the arrow. That’s what they get for goofing off with deadly weapons! Quin looks a little grumpy at Dakkan nearly killing him, but he’ll cheer up soon enough. Poor guy just needs to put Dakkan in an equally tight spot.


And here we go! The treetops of Terria are intended to cater pretty much exclusively to Tamian citizens. A Lutren like Dakkan would find himself stuck in midair rather quickly with no means of getting down… that is unless Quin’s feeling generous. It’s worth noting that Quin is smiling there. A smile of satisfaction, perhaps? Don’t worry, though — he won’t leave Dak hanging for long!

Thank you SO MUCH for the fun story, Anna! You’re a great artist, and Rachel and I both are looking forward to seeing more artwork from you in the future!