Hi everyone! Apologies for the missed week and the unfinished state of this week’s page — as was mentioned last week, the mathematical equation of new job + BWD pages + preparing material for our first comic convention != smooth sailing, evidently. We’re going to be experimenting with a new workflow to get the completed pages ready on time for the next couple weeks, so we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, the page!

A good bit of knowledge dropped this week as Hardin lays out his rationale to Ashtor! Each member of the core Sratha-din has their very specific role; something Hardin saw in them and pursued relentlessly to acquire as he assembled his “ideal” tribe.


There has also been a good deal of speculation about Eira’s role in the whole story — like, for example, what is she writing? Why does she carry that book around with her all the time? Questions! All these QUESTIONS!

We have some guest art this week from a brand new artist of a character who hasn’t had that much time in the limelight since partway through Chapter 1! That’s right, I’m talking about Janik!


This wonderful rendition of the Tamian assistant ambassador to Navran was done by artist Dingoat for Rachel as part of the Tumblr color palette meme that was going around the last few months. Thanks so much for the awesome art, Dingoat! Janik turned out great.

And to readers who miss the character, fear not — Janik has a major role in the story at large, and we’ll be catching up with her soon enough!