This week, Ashtor expresses his doubts as to Hardin’s plan — though readers know he’s never been too keen on it. Though with the attack on Deltrada growing closer, Ashtor’s course appears just as irreversible as Hardin’s own.


Boston Comic Con was absolutely incredible last weekend! As I mentioned in the comments last week, our 50-copy run of Beyond the Western Deep: Volume 1 completely sold out early on Sunday. Friday was pretty slow, but there was a run on the things on Saturday, cutting my stock down to a mere 14 books for Sunday (which sold out by about 1pm).

I know Rachel put up a picture of the booth last week, but I figured I’d repost it with the appropriate before-and-after!


This is what the table looked like at 8:30 am on Friday when I rolled in, half-awake and sorely in need of coffee. The picture we put up last week was the booth on Friday, but I tweaked a few things around Saturday and Sunday based on my observations of people walking past the booth.


So here’s the booth on Sunday! It’s a subtle change from what was there Friday, but one of the biggest things I did was elevate the pricing sheet so people could actually see it as they approached the table. I also bumped the book on the right closer to the edge of the table so people wouldn’t feel as weird about picking it up and leafing through it. I discovered that once people had a chance to check out the artwork in the book and saw it mirrored the quality/color/style of the cover art, they were WAY more likely to pick it up.

Speaking of picking things up, check this out!


That, my friends, is a palette of Beyond the Western Deep! 450 copies, to be precise! The UPS guy was apparently very confused about it, since I don’t think my suburban neighborhood gets much in the way of palettes of things. Lugging those suckers up the stairs was also not that much fun — but it was totally worth it because…


Now we’re restocked with books! :D I got the web domain and back-end for the web store all squared away, and once we get a few polish bits finished up, we’ll be ready to update the site with a link to the store so you all can buy your own copies. I appreciate all your patience as we get this set up, and I’m looking forward to being able to get the books out there to everyone who wants one!