Some fun world lore dropped in this week’s page! We also get our very first drop of the name people call the “world” of “Beyond the Western Deep” — Dunia. The word has its real-world roots in over a dozen Middle Eastern languages as meaning “the world”, encompassing both the physical concept and the plights of those who live on it.


Of course, the story of High King Aeslid has its roots in a great many “heroic tales” of ages past. Here it is delivered as a reference to a well-known Ermehn tale, though I do believe we will revisit this in-world legend in similar form to how we visited the story of the Fall of Tesque, during an extended page hiatus.

The web store is pretty much done-done, the only factor holding it up has been the logistics of shipping physical goods to people. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that shipping quantities of things to people all over in numbers greater than “one” is a tricky business! Based on the advice of a few folks who have operated web stores themselves, I’ve decided to run with USPS Flat Fate so people get a fair deal on shipping compared to something like FedEx (who wants to pay more based on mileage??).

Anyway, I’m just waiting for the shipping supplies to arrive before launching the store, so when somebody orders a thing it can go out ASAP. We’re getting close! You can all reasonably expect the store to go live on the site sometime this upcoming week!