This week, the action returns to the inside of Deltrada Garrison, where Quinlan, Dakkan, and Kenosh get to enjoy the… shall we say rustic accommodations the Canid have pressed upon them. Five stars this is not.


For those paying attention, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen examples of the Tamian script. We saw it back in Quin’s room waaaay back near the beginning of chapter 1! While it’s not a full language, per se, the Tamian script uses its characters as syllabic letter combination swaps, with each “tree” representing a syllable or major letter chain.


This is just a sample phrase with its matching symbols, but it gives a good idea as to how the words are constructed. It’s less about replacing letters as it is about forming syllables with certain sounds. Of course, the Tamian script also takes its inspiration from the visual appearance of trees and branches, which early Tamian scholars would no doubt have deemed a suitable display of reverence to their god-king.

We have some fun guest art this week from Jerome Jacinto! Many of our readers have picked up on the parallels between Kenosh and Ashtor since both characters were introduced. As each is their respective group’s voice of age of experience, there were bound to be some similarities drawn, though I didn’t expect them to be literally drawn!


Thank you SO much, Jerome! I love how these two old-timers turned out, and they do seem like the kind of characters who might be able to commiserate together on the sorry state of the world. “Back in MY day-“

One can almost hear Dakkan’s eyes rolling from across the great expanse!