In a world without modern conveniences like phones, radio, or, say, the entire Internet, the simple act of sending a status update is a lot trickier in Quinlan’s world than it is in ours. If somebody doesn’t want word getting out that they’ve more or less imprisoned you, it doesn’t take much to do so. Especially when the only ways to get a message out are via bird or in person.


And so we find Quinlan and Dakkan in a bit of a tight spot in the late hours of this cold and rainy northern night, with nothing to do but wait for morning to come. I actually have quite vivid memories of this scene playing out in the original pre-2010 draft of the script, albeit with a much different set-up and context. It’s quite strange going back to the old lines of dialog in that Google Doc equivalent of a dusty old tome. Quinlan and Dakkan have come a long way in the last four years, that’s for sure!

This week, some fun guest art from longtime reader and frequent contributor Saraa Luna!


It’s been a little while since we’ve seen what Janik’s up to as she ventures with her own little troupe towards the Vulpin lands! We can bet that Quin and Co. proooooobably wish they were traveling with her instead of stuck in the tall tower of a freezing stone garrison in the middle of a rain storm!

Thank you so much for the wonderful art, Saraa! It’s always nice to see Janik still hasn’t slipped the minds of readers. Her story is most definitely essential to the greater plot — it’s just hard to break away right now when so much is happening up north in the span of a single day!