[Sorry for the unpolished look of the page this week. I’m hoping to clean it up to the regular standard ASAP! -Rachel]

It’s always nice when the story naturally allows for some fun history to be dropped, and this conversation is a good example of that. The Oran Uprising, like the Ermehn War of 2E:120, shaped a great deal of history around it — both for the world of the Four Kingdoms and for our characters. We’ll learn more about it in the coming weeks as Quinlan and Dakkan get a chance to continue their conversation.


Not much else to report this week! I actually spent a good day at New York Comic Con and had the opportunity to chat with a comics podcast about Western Deep, so hopefully once that’s posted I can put a link up here next week. It was a fun chat about some of BWD’s influences (a spiel I’m used to giving at comic book conventions by now!) and I also got to wax nostalgic with the host about when Princess Mononoke came out in the States in a small theatrical run and seeing it felt like discovering some rare heretofore unknown treasure. I still remember sitting in that dingy New York theater with a film buff friend of mine who had invited me to see it — I had zero expectations, which meant I was completely blown away. It’s still one of my favorite movies of all time, I think.

This week, a fun bit of fan ANIMATION! Western Deep fan Mike Williamson put together a short walking cycle animation of Quinlan for an Animation 101 project, and when I learned of its existence I just had to see it in action. It’s so much fun seeing Quinlan moving around, so we’re super grateful to Michael for sending this over to us! It was pretty huge right off the bat, so I compressed it down pretty heavily. If you’re looking at it all blown up on a giant monitor, just remember that the artifacting is entirely my fault, and the 160+ meg original animation doesn’t have any of that :)

Quinlan Walk Cycle!