Not much to talk about this week, so I’ll let Dakkan do the talking!


Some readers may recall Dakkan and Kenosh’s argument early in Chapter 2, with Dakkan mentioning “his father’s war.” The Oran Uprising was that war, and as Dakkan explains, it was most unpleasant for all involved. The Treaty of Cenolau was in full effect at the time (signed in 2E:130), meaning Sunsgrove was compelled to send aid to assist the Canid in wiping out the Ermehn aggressors when the Oran Uprising began in 2E:235. To answer the inevitable question, yes, we have a timeline in place we’re referencing :)

I know a few of you have inquired about the specific timeline — but because there are many plot-centric reveals that rely on the timeline dates, we’d prefer to keep that sort of thing under wraps (for now).

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