Some nice shots of Lutra this week, helping to do away with its reputation as “Sir Not Appearing In This Film.” As for what’s happening in and around Lutra here — some readers asked a while ago (on more than one occasion) about Dakkan’s mother, Quin’s parents, and other various unanswered questions.

While it’s always easy to reveal the specifics of these things in the comic notes, I find much greater pleasure in having things be revealed properly in-comic than just explaining how or why something is the way it is. Wanting the comic to stand on its own means working all pertinent information into the story itself, which is why we waited for this scene to come up naturally, with the right characters and the right environment and the right context.


On the topic of last week’s reveal of “young Kenosh,” we actually had the pleasure of seeing some fun fan art from longtime reader and Western Deep contributor Saraa Luna!


As was said in the comments of this particular piece of art, “After somebody’s eyebrow game reaches a certain point it becomes law for me to draw them.” Well, Saraa, Kenosh certainly has eyebrows to spare, no matter what age he is!