In the original script for this page, I had not actually anticipated visually showing the moment when young Dakkan and Quinlan first met — but Rachel knows a good opportunity when she sees it, and how to make the most of it! Even in the original thumbnail, when it was presented as nothing more than a few simple shapes (and with a different perspective than the one we ultimately went with), I was already quite excited to see that important moment in our characters’ lives.


The final orientation is even better, I think, as it does a great job of reinforcing Quin’s shyness and Dakkan’s outgoing attitude in a single frame. Of course, that is but one panel of the page!

What is the old saying? “You can’t unring a bell”? Well, the Deltrada alarm bells have been rung, and a great many irreversible things have just been set into motion.


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Anyway, hope you all had a great Halloween, and don’t forget to set those clocks back an hour tomorrow! As we all learned (or at least, as I learned) from The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Daylight Savings is the only time of year when you get to live the same hour TWICE. Or, in my case most likely, SLEEP the same hour twice!