Not much to talk about this week! Kenosh is going to investigate, while Quin and Dak realize that sleep is probably out of the question.


Armor “permanence” is an element of many stories that isn’t always handled very well. People don’t always wear their armor — sometimes they’re in a well-protected tower in a well-protected garrison and they let their guard down a little bit. That’s perfectly natural! Not everyone’s like Kenosh, who would sacrifice comfort for security. Quin and Dak, however, are fast-learning what Kenosh did long ago: just because you’re in the tall tower in one of the most well-defended fortresses in the Four Kingdoms doesn’t mean you won’t need those few seconds it takes between waking up and donning your armor.

This week, we’ve got some guest art from a brand new artist! Every once in a while I’ll check our site metrics to see what websites are featuring a link to the website. When Twitter pops up, I’ll do a quick Twitter search for the website and see what folks are saying about it. This time, I was pleasantly surprised to find artist Kogawakenji had posted two pieces of artwork — one of Dakkan and one of Kenosh! I’ll post up Kenosh this week, and save Dakkan for week after next (we also received some awesome guest art from Sawyer Ruzzin that I want to feature next week)!

Anyway, without further ado: Kenosh!


Thanks so much for the awesome guest art, Kogawakenji! I’ll post up your Dakkan piece week after next :)

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