This week, interrupted musings! It was definitely fighting that Quinlan heard, and now its source has smashed right into their room! Looks like it could be a long night (or a short one, depending on how this goes).


 In the original thumbnail for this page (not the one seen above), we actually showed more of the action than we do currently. This was one of those situations where we have to be careful about the always-present balancing act of Beyond the Western Deep where we like to make sure each page feels strong enough on its own to be up on the website for an entire week, and also that it fits nicely with a page-by-page flow when you’re flipping through it in book form or perusing the archives. It didn’t take us that long to see the merits in ending this page in a different spot, and instead letting the first couple panels of buildup breathe appropriately.


Oh, also, bonus points to the reader who knows who this door-kicking Ermehn is :)

This week, we’ve got another awesome piece of guest art from longtime reader Sawyer Ruzzin! We’ve seen Sawyer’s work on the site before, and it’s my pleasure to be able to share a brand new piece that was just sent last week: Kenosh, in his “returning from the North” garb!


I’ve always loved Sawyer’s sketchy style — everything looks raw and energetic, and the pose here reminds me a bit of Kain (no relation!) from Final Fantasy IV. That’s never a bad thing! Thanks for sending this wonderful piece, Sawyer! Hope to see more work from you again in the future!