For those of you last week who pointed out the lead Ermehn breaking into the Deltrada guest quarters is indeed the one-eyed fellow who challenged Hardin back in Chapter 1, good eye (no pun intended–mostly)!


You might also recognize the axe-wielding fellow as another bystander from that fateful scene! One thing I love about Rachel’s background characters is that there’s always an element of life in them that you don’t normally see in background characters. Many of them have their own little back stories, even one or two-line things that help establish their place in the world, like the omega-caste Canid sitting in the Land’s End Tavern, or more pressingly, perhaps, these Ermehn here!

This week, the second of two pieces I promised from artist Kogawakenji — a wonderful compliment to any Kenosh piece is naturally one of Dakkan!


I love the way you drew these two characters, Koga! They both seem suitably introspective, and I love the linework that brings them both to life!

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