This week, Quinlan’s Tesque training comes in handy! When you’re an unarmed tamian facing off against an armed foe, a foot on the ground can indeed be a foot in the grave.


To our readers across the US, I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As I said in the comments last week, Rachel and I are both eternally thankful to be able to share this story with all of you, and to have such awesome, amazing fans contributing every week. Every page we put up, I look forward to the new discussion points, puns, observations, and theories. I’m most looking forward to seeing a few choice items get knocked off that BWD betting pool in the coming chapters :)

I’m also thankful for all the amazing fan work we receive! From the occasional fan-fiction to a wide variety of artwork, I am humbled by some of the talent I see rendering our characters.

Case in point! Veigue put together a pair of images a short time ago showing Quinlan, Dakkan, Janik, and Hardin as (super adorable!) kids along with Veigue’s human fan-character, Ajule. While there are no humans in the world of the Western Deep, Veigue’s work always sells the idea with gusto!



Thank you so much for the incredible art, Veigue! I love your take on the characters and the world of BWD, and the “Western Deep Kids” are so freaking cute it really is difficult for me to function.

Also, one last thing! Because it’s now OFFICIALLY “The Holidays”, we’ve gone and made a special Western Deep Holiday Bundle at the Western Deep Online Store! Check it out here!

The bundle contains the hardcover, the “Close Call” mini-print, and the banner bookmark, all for $15. Not a shabby deal if you’re looking for a cool gift for anybody between the ages of 8 to 88 who likes to read!