Nice timing, Dak! Things could’ve gotten real messy if he’d been a moment or two slow. But hey, what are friends for, right?


The last couple weeks have been very exciting on the Western Deep front! Firstly (and really the only thing I can say definitively), we made the cut for an Artist’s Alley table at C2E2 in Chicago this upcoming April! Rachel and I are planning to be there all three days — April 24th-26th. We’ll have the hardcovers, prints, all that good stuff!

Not much else to mention this week, but I’m hoping that in the coming weeks we’ll have some cool BWD-related news to share!

This week, some incredible fanart from longtime reader and BWD-supporter VarVau! Thinking back to Quin’s chapter one fight against Crim, Var asked himself what Crim would do after getting his injuries patched up. Where would he go? What would he do? The result is this wonderful piece:


Crim strikes me as just the sort who would wander into the holy forests of the Western Deep and curse the trees and, by extension, Tesque himself, for allowing him to fall in battle to someone so unworthy as Quinlan. Crim, as I’m sure all readers can surmise, has an awfully high opinion of himself!

Thank you so much for the incredible art, VarVau! It’s always a treat to be able to share one of your pieces!