This week, our first post of 2015! Looks like the Ermehn are ready for round two!


Hard to believe, but we’ve been publishing Beyond the Western Deep here for THREE YEARS! In three years, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know a great many of you, to see your incredible fan works, to participate in your hilarious page comment threads, self-publish a book, start going to conventions, set up a web store, and sign a publisher!

If Rachel or I ever hit our respective heads and forgot how fortunate we are as creators, all we have to do is look at any of the comment threads for literally ANY of our pages to see the hilarious discussions, or look at any of the guest art submitted to see how lucky we are. The last three years have been incredible, and 2015 is going to be a great year!

Speaking of amazing guest art, we’ll kick off the new year with Jerome’s wonderful Western Deep New Year image!


Seems like Hardin’s about to get some new year’s cheer! I’m guessing this is all Ashtor’s plan given his expression — the Sratha-din had better be ready for what I imagine will be a rather extreme reaction from Hardin X)