A dangerous situation unfolding this week, as Quinlan finds himself stuck between a rock and a one-eyed Ermehn! Not the best place to be, of course — especially when your comrade is busy dealing with peeved Ermehn warriors himself!

(Artist Note: Sorry for the unfinished nature of this week’s page, as well. I’m planning to give these all a nice spitshine, when time permits.)


You’ll notice that the Western Deep website has gotten a little bit of a facelift! For the longest time (and by that I mean “since the website was created back in 2012), we’ve been running the same version of ComicPress without fail. There have been some changes since then, but after a time it became clear that an update was needed. The only problem was, the upgrade process near-completely borked the entire site!

One complaint on Twitter later, I found out that Frumph, the creator of ComicPress and all-around awesome guy, was more than willing to single-handedly bring the entire website up to speed. HUGE thanks to Frumph for saving the Western Deep site from languishing in ancient ComicPressdom!

Also, some other news! You might remember a while ago that I mentioned a game called “Armello” that was being developed for PC/Mac/iOS. Well, it’s OUT on Early Access for Steam and Humble Bundle if you’re interested in giving it a try in its post-beta state!


I am indeed involved in the game’s development, though I can’t exactly talk about it yet. Suffice it to say, I am a huge fan of this title and if you like strategy games, board games, or dark fantasy stories with animal characters (and really, what reader of this comic isn’t?) then I can recommend checking it out!

Our guest art this week comes from Kogawakenji, who had some fantastic artwork of Dakkan and Kenosh a month or two ago that we loved. However, after Rachel drew Dakkan playing with a pebble like a hacky sack, Koga simply could not get rid of this image:


Now, I love any image of Dakkan or Kenosh that Koga draws, but I love this one specifically because that mid-leap movement is so great! Dakkan’s look of pure determination really sells the whole thing for me. Thank you SO MUCH Koga! I hope you decide to draw our characters again someday! :)