When a character like Quinlan finds himself in a one-on-one life or death struggle, especially when for all intents and purposes he hasn’t ever really been in this situation before, Rachel and I wanted to make sure he acted (and reacted) in the right way.


While Quinlan retaliated based on his immediate instincts just a few moments before in the guest quarters (and made it out successfully), he now finds himself at that crossroads where he can’t just react to what’s happening — he needs to observe and plan, and rely not just on his training, but his ability to improvise on it.

Whether or not he’s successful is a completely different matter!

This week, I realized there was a piece of art that longtime Western Deep fan and guest artist Sawyer Ruzzin sent in way back in November that I’d never posted! I simply could not believe how negligent I’d been in not posting it back then, so without further ado, Sawyer Ruzzin’s take on Quinlan!


As I’ve said before, Sawyer, I just love your sketchy lineart, and Quinlan looks so awesome! There’s a video making the rounds of a Danish (?) trickshot archer doing some cool stuff with a hip-slung quiver, which seemed awfully strange, but I am rather growing on the idea! Of course, it seems the “historical” elements of that video were a bit suspect, but it’s a cool look — especially for Quin!

Thanks so much, Sawyer! And many many apologies for not getting this wonderful piece up before now!