I know a number of readers hypothesized the possibility of a last-minute save or turnaround for our one-eyed Ermehn warrior, but that’s the thing with a life or death battle — victory truly does mean the difference between life and death. With his fall from atop Deltrada’s battlements, his work with Hardin and the Sratha-din has come to a rather abrupt end. As the old saying goes, “flying is easy, landing is hard.”


We’re getting ready for our 2015 convention season, which at this point is likely to consist of three conventions:

C2E2: April 24-26 (Alex and Rachel)

Boston Comic Con: July 31st-August 2nd (Alex)

Hartford Comic Con: September 19-20 (Alex)

I’m also looking at the Special Edition: NYC event in June, but we’ll have to see how that registration process goes.

This week, a little bit of fun guest art from Jerome Jacinto! With all this animosity we see between the Ermehn and the Canid up north, it can be hard to remember that there are places within the Four Kingdoms where such strife is but a faraway rumor of a rumor. It’s also important to remember that one cannot sum up an entire species as “always hating every member of another species” — there are always outliers, and that’s what this new piece from Jerome gets across!


These two guys are actually some background characters from the upcoming side story — no names, no backgrounds per se, but you saw them earlier in the black and white teaser image a couple weeks ago. Jerome loved them so much he stuck them into the comic proper and did this artwork of them — you’ll have to see if you can spot them when the comic starts!