This week, Quin snaps out of it! Of course we all figured that would probably happen considering the immediate danger of his surroundings (and of course Dakkan’s predicament). In actuality, only a second or two of real-time has passed over the last couple pages. Unless it’s a story being told by a character, I view flashbacks as more like flashes of deja vu — as in, we might take a page or two to play things out for the reader, but to the character experiencing it, it’s pretty much immediate.


I know a few readers have been asking about Dakkan, so rest assured he’s… well, he’s right there, I suppose! No doubt that Canid soldier saw Dakkan had everything under control while our axe-wielding friend tried to get the jump on Quin.

So, I just learned that the C2E2 Artist Alley table Rachel and I will be at next month is E17! If you’re in the midwest, you should swing on by and say hello!

This week, we have a special piece of guest art from Jerome Jacinto — a piece he had started a little while ago and chipped away at bit by bit over the last year. Then, suddenly, BOOM! It was done! I was honestly astonished at how quickly it went from “kinda done” to “done-done”. I’m so happy that now I get to post it up on the site! :)


If there’s one thing I love about Jerome’s work (and there are many things — so if I just had to pick one) it would be how he structures multi-character scenes. The eye is just following so many wonderful things around the image, with so many details and little stories going on simultaneously, that it’s hard to stop looking at the piece sometimes. Thank you SO MUCH, Jerome — we absolutely love this piece!