This week, the action starts to move off the roof and down into the garrison below. Our intrepid Canid soldier is off to check the aviary, which (as was established earlier in this chapter) is an essential element of any remote outpost, regardless of the kingdom it belongs to. A bird can travel faster than any of the seven races of the kingdoms, and quickly getting the word out to the rest of the Canid empire that the Ermehn have launched a daring attack on their first line of defense is of the utmost importance.


Not much else to talk about this week! We’re coming close to C2E2, so we implore our midwestern readers to swing by if they’re in the area!

This week, some awesome guest art from regular Western Deep contributor and commenter VarVau! A while back, we posted some cool artwork he did of a new Ermehn character he created named Brea. This week, he put together a speed-paint of the character once more, lying in wait in the snow for some unlucky Canid no doubt!


Thanks for the art, VarVau! Love your take on the races of the world of the Western Deep :)