The action moves down to ground level this week, with a rather awesome transition page! As per his personality, Dakkan is taking charge and crashing ahead; his mind totally fixated on one single goal: find Kenosh. He’s been acting well above his station, taking charge, speaking up when Quin won’t, and pushing ahead even when he nearly passed out. Ever since the Ermehn bashed their way into the Deltrada guest quarters (which in real-time would have been a mere 5 or so minutes ago!) Dakkan’s been acting almost like a leader of some kind!


Of course, Dakkan is still a son, and his father is somewhere in Deltrada during an Ermehn invasion, and even though Quinlan outranks his friend by a fair margin, this has little to do with protocol. Kenosh is missing, and there are murderous Ermehn everywhere. What friend worth their salt wouldn’t charge forward alongside Dakkan?

This week for guest art, a piece that I’d nearly forgotten I had on my hard drive but was saved at the last moment! Saraa drew up a fun little piece of the Canid soldier who saved Quinlan on the rooftop! While she doesn’t have an official name, Saraa tagged it with the hugely appropriate byline: “She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’s Miss Punch-You-in-the-Face.”


Thanks so much for the wonderful art, Saraa! Rachel and I always love seeing your take on the BWD cast :)

And remember, if any readers out there want to share their work with us so we can post it up alongside new pages, just send it to us in an email at “thewesterndeep(at)”!