Aaah, back! C2E2 was an incredible show — met lots of awesome people (like Ailorn! Hello! :) and sold a LOT of books! A few people at the show were also asking about online orders, so I’ll take this opportunity to point out the online Beyond the Western Store at and also that we’ve resurrected the holiday bundle — now it’s just the normal ol’ Western Deep Bundle, but you still get the hardcover, the mini-print, and the banner bookmark all for $15+shipping.


This week, we’re finally reunited with Clovis, Kenosh, and Hardin — though Hardin doesn’t look like he’s in good shape. I know we’ve kept a lot of you on edge the last few weeks with tax season craziness and C2E2 delaying pages, but hopefully we can get back into a good rhythm for the remainder of the chapter. We’re excited to show what happens next, and can’t wait to share it!

Got a few weeks of awesome guest art set up for all of you! First up, an awesome piece of Dakkan from reader and commenter (and now guest-art contributor!) James H!


Dakkan looks awesome, James! He looks like he’s seriously ready to kick some tail! Funny actually, we got two pieces of Dakkan in “action mode” after the previous scene (the other of which is awesome and will be shown next week)! I guess people like seeing Dakkan taking charge!