This week, the situation grows ever more dire! Tensions flare! Suspense mounts! Moods swing! It really is something seeing these scenes coming to fruition after years of build-up, and the next few weeks I am confident will be talked about for quite some time by the readership :)


In a couple weeks’ time, the Beyond the Western Deep: Volume 1 paperback will be available through Action Lab Entertainment and through comic shops all over the country! Should you have a local comic shop you frequent, please do mention the book to them — it will be officially released on 5/27!

Remember last week when I mentioned there was more Dakkan guest art in the offings? Well, here it is! A totally unexpected but expectedly awesome piece from Temiree!


Anything I could say about this piece has, I believe, already been said in the comment thread on the original piece on DeviantArt, but I will reiterate here for completeness’ sake: the lighting (and lightning!), the angle, the colors, and Dakkan’s pose all come together in perfect form. He looks, for the lack of a better term, kick-awesome! Thank you SO much for this amazing piece of art!