Since we started this story, the split narrative between the Sunsgrovian envoy and Sratha-din has always threatened to lead up to a point like this.

After all, while readers may find things and characters to connect with on both sides, the historical situation of the Four Kingdoms has Sunsgrove and the Ermehn at bitter odds with each other. This was exemplified earlier, when the Ermehn attacked Quinlan and Dakkan — and also now, as Rhosyn evaluates potential threats and… removes one from the battlefield.


Of course this is all a matter of perspective. That’s the point of the whole story, after all! Spend enough time on one side of a conflict, become familiar enough with the characters there, and you might very well begin to appreciate that point of view at the expense of another. Thus far we’ve only had a chance to really follow two main groups, as mentioned above. We’re going to start following a third, and since Song of the Eastern Sands is canon BWD, that will serve as a fourth. The world’s about to open up in a big way.

This week, I wanted to share an appropriately somber piece from reader Kelsey Girvin, who submitted this wonderful guest art of a younger Quinlan consoling Dakkan after they learned of his mother’s passing.


Thank you so much for the wonderful artwork, Kelsey! I love the muted colors and thick line-work, and the texture of the paper also gives the scene a kind of faded look, helping to add to its memory-like quality.