Dakkan’s blood phobia rears its head again — this night really just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it? But it looks like Dak’s had just about enough of its twists and has decided to start dealing out a few of his own. It doesn’t take much to set Dakkan off against a foe, but if you shoot his best friend with a crossbow bolt, it’s going to take more than a few hasty words to stay his hand!


Obviously this night isn’t quite over yet — there are still many unanswered questions, the answers to some of which will likely lead to even more questions! To think of how much has changed in the course of a handful of pages — and how much could change in just a few pages more…

Speaking of a few pages, do you remember the One-Eyed Ermehn (Feyn) and the lady Canid who helped save Quin’s neck back on the tower roof? Well, regular Western Deep reader and registered Lively Discussion Devotee Fourth Master has submitted a guest piece of our favorite tertiary characters!


In the battle between “that one Ermehn who backtalked Hardin and found himself getting thrown off a tower” and “that one lady Canid who slashed that Ermehn who stood next to Feyn while he backtalked Hardin back in chapter 1” (seriously, go back and look) it’s a real barn-burner of a battle between Western Deep’s tertiary characters! WHO WILL WI-oh, I guess Feyn’s already dead, isn’t he? Guess that kinda settles it?

Well, EVEN SO, if Feyn had managed to square off against her I’m sure it would’ve been a great battle! And thank you Fourth Master for submitting this awesome guest art to remind us of what could have been! :)