“Why didn’t you wait??” Well, we can be pretty sure that’s the question on everybody’s mind in the immediate vicinity right now. Though it begs quite a few more questions, doesn’t it? These are my favorite kinds of lines — they answer some things, some long-lingering questions, but they bring up so many more.


So, I’m sure there will be a good bit of healthy speculation this week. That’s all well and good! In addition to this little bombshell of a page, I have TWO MORE BOMBSHELLS to announce!

Firstly, BOSTON COMIC CON is coming up at the end of this month!

I know that’s the advertisement for 2014, but I love that take on Rocket Raccoon so THERE IT IS. However, I have more to announce:

Rachel will be joining me in Boston for the show!

That’s right! This year, Rachel and I are doing TWO shows together, effectively DOUBLING the number of shows we did together last year. So if you missed us in Chicago, I’d recommend swinging by Boston Comic Con to chat! Last year was Beyond the Western Deep‘s very first show, hard as it is to believe. That was where we first started selling the book, and the show is very special to me because of that. To have Rachel there the second time around is going to make it even BETTER.

Alright, that was bombshell number one. Bombshell number two is about this week’s guest art.

So, if you look to the right, you’ll see a list of webcomics that Rachel and I love. One of them, Lackadaisy Cats, is a cornerstone of the webcomic medium; its incredible artwork, meticulously researched scenes, amazing characters, and rip-roaring plot make it a must-read for anyone interested in webcomics as a storytelling art-form. Its writer/artist, Tracy Butler, recently started a Patreon to support working on the comic full-time — an incredible development that I wholeheartedly supported with my wallet.

As thanks, Tracy offered to draw me my choice of Lackadaisy characters. I picked Rocky, the “shining blue star of idiotic brilliance” who assists in running illicit alcohol for his employers. However, when Tracy (who we’ve learned is a bit of a Western Deep fan herself) sat down to draw Rocky, this came out instead!


I remember seeing this on my phone in the wee hours of the morning after Tracy sent it along, and I swear my first reaction was “Man, why do my dreams have to be so awesome?” Then I realized I was not, in fact, dreaming, and Tracy Butler had just sent me an absolutely gorgeous picture of Quinlan.

I’ve already thanked her profusely in response, but here we go again: thank you so much, Tracy! He looks awesome! :D