Some readers last week figured that with all the hustle and bustle of an armed gang attacking Quinlan and Dakkan that Kenosh (seasoned warrior that he is) would wake up.

Well, it’s nice to know that he isn’t Captain of the Lutren Sea Guard for nothing.


As a little added bonus this week, I’ll also be throwing up two additional pieces of art, and a Dust: An Elysian Tail-related surprise at the end!

The first piece of art is a section of the concept sketch page for the bandit trio, showing off the initial designs (which we ended up going with almost wholesale just because we liked them all right off the bat). As you can see, there are subtle artistic choices in the character outfits here to show that there are elements of cross-kingdom fashion choices (such as Ermehn wearing Felis pants, sashes, and wrist-bands).


The other piece I’m going to put up this week is just too spectacularly awesome to NOT put up. After seeing the excellent Pacific Rim (in our opinion, anyway), Rachel realized that the world of BWD had its own giant beastie equivalent in the Treewalkers, and Quinlan/Dakkan would first perfectly into the “twin pilot” Jaeger program, piloting a giant robot to take ’em out with hand-to-hand combat! So we got this fun little piece of art:


Last week, Dust: An Elysian Tail, to which I contributed as writer and editor, celebrated its first-year anniversary. The game has seen some tremendous success on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam (with well over a quarter-million copies sold!) — so to join in the celebration, I’m giving away a Steam game code to the first reader to figure out the missing letters in the code below!


The first ? is the first letter of the name of the eldest character in this week’s page.

The second ? is the first letter of his son’s name.

The third ? is the first letter of his best friend’s name.

Good luck! And to whomever gets the game, enjoy!