Hardin has a good point, naturally — once you murder a Canid general, it really doesn’t matter what led up to it, you really should just get the heck out of dodge. But of course there’s still the lingering issue of Dakkan and Quinlan. As complex as things were before, that all goes out the window after the events of tonight.


I’d like to welcome all of our new readers who ventured here thanks to Tracy Butler’s reblog/retweet of my post showing her amazing guest art from last week. For reference, on a normal update day, we may get somewhere around 3,000 page views and 500 visitors. After that reblog/retweet, we received over 42,000 page views and over 14,000 visitors! Needless to say, it blew all our previous visitor records completely out of the water and made a rather epic spike in our viewer metric chart!


Speaking of rather epic things, our guest art this week is from Nauno, who you might recall did a rather awesome piece of Quinlan readying his bow in the treetops several months back. Well, he’s back with a new piece, this one of Dakkan confronting a Polcan pirate on the Lutren coasts!


Thank you so much, Nauno! The pouring rain, the perfectly-timed lightning crack, the water dripping from the Polcan pirate’s (rather awesome) sword — it’s a perfectly epic confrontation! Rachel and I both love it, and look forward to when we can actually show these sorts of confrontations between the Lutren and the Polcan on Sunsgrove’s coasts!