There had been a bit of speculation last week about whether Kenosh planned to try and bring Dakkan and Quinlan along with the Sratha-din. Kenosh, clearly, thinks that would be a bad idea. Either path brings up a great number of complexities, to be sure. I’m sure you all can identify the obvious pros and cons of each approach.


Boston Comic Con is a mere TWO WEEKS AWAY! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Rachel and I will be seated at table D328, which probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but to ME it’s right around where I was tabling last year for our inaugural show! Last year, my first time tabling a convention solo, I was at D320. So the same neighborhood! MEMORIES! NOSTALGIA!

Anyway, if you’re going to be anywhere in the area, I do recommend swinging by! Boston Comic Con is a fantastic show, and it’s getting bigger and more awesome every year!

This week, we’ve got some fun guest art from regular reader/commenter Jakub, all the way from Poland! A few pages ago, Dakkan clonked Bevan with his staff. We saw it. It happened! Or did it? What if it was just a movie stunt?


Okay, well, maybe it was supposed to be a bit of Hollywood-style movie magic, but something went terribly wrong. You see, Dakkan is actually a really intense method actor, and when he gets in the moment like this, it’s possible things can go awry.

Don’t worry, though! That isn’t really Bevan. Because his role was so physically demanding, the guy’s actually got three or four different stunt doubles depending on how visible he is in the scene. That’s why he’s got the hood — makes it easier to conceal. This particular double, who really earned his paycheck in this scene, is actually a pretty swell guy from Lincolnshire named Wesley.

Actually I made all that up just now.

But thanks, Jakub for the fun guest art! I love the vivid colors and of course the hilarious concept behind it :)