A lot of readers have no doubt been waiting for this moment between Kenosh and Dakkan — alas, circumstances prevent Kenosh from saying much more. This page also sees the return of the unnamed Canid soldier we previously saw on the rooftops, now leading a contingent of Canid reinforcements. (Though in this unfortunately colorless edition of the page, that may not be immediately obvious!) Reader response to her has been surprisingly high, considering her brief appearances. Perhaps we’ll see more of her in the future!


Last week we were at Boston Comic Con and had a spectacular show — we got a lot of new readers checking out the book, and ended up selling even more books than we did at the same show last year! Interest in the world of the Western Deep is growing!

Whenever Rachel does a show, she adds a section to the table containing cool little character cards, done with ink and watercolor. She has a set of pre-made characters for $10, but also does custom commissions for $15. Considering the popularity of our shark hunter print, she decided to do a card of a Lutren shark hunter coming home with his day’s catch:


I love these guys, personally, and really hope to include them in future stories. Fisherman cultures have a certain allure for me, and these guys in particular crank that sort of thing up to 11. Not only is it a fisherman-style culture, but it’s no doubt mixed with a series of heroic tales, a constant threat of death and dismemberment, lore and legend — it’s like storytelling catnip for me. Ah well, SOMEDAY!

Another great piece was a commission that Rachel took of Quinlan and Hardin:


Hardin’s just showing Quinlan the finer points of his knife. Nothing threatening!

Hardin: “Notice the sharpness of this blade. Expert Ermehn craftsmanship. Try not to think about how many people I’ve killed with it.”

Quinlan: “That’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about this whole time.”


We also got a couple really nice reviews in the last couple weeks! First was a very positive review from “A Place to Hang Your Cape”, a comic and pop-culture website. You can read their review right here!

Beyond the Western Deep was also included in this top-5 list on CGMag of “Five Indie Comics to Add to Your Pull List”! That alone was awesome, but the fact we share the list with the exceptional Lumberjanes just blew me away. You can check out the full list at CGMag right here!