Yes, Quinlan is still alive! I know a number of you were worried about that! He’s in a bit of a dire state, of course, and suffering from a good dose of shock, but he’s still alive. Kenosh also knows that if they are truly to be safe, they must return to the safety of their home kingdom… far away from him.


I wanted to take the opportunity here to give a shout out to Pocketwatch Games (developer of Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine) along with Song of the Eastern Sands artist extraordinaire Jerome Jacinto on the reveal of the new arcade strategy game TOOTH AND TAIL! Jerome has been doing some absolutely incredible painted artwork for them, and the in-game art features some super-expressive and detailed pixel work.


I don’t normally play strategy games, but between this and Armello, I’d say that “really cool animal-based strategy titles” is turning into one of my favorite potential niche genres! I know I’m pretty excited to play it. If you’re interested, you can read more about the recent reveal here:

This week, we’ve got some really fun guest art from Pretty Darn Quick Sketches — an awesome Tumblr blog that you all should be following if you aren’t already! I noticed that a Kenosh sketch had been posted up and asked for permission to feature it along with a page. Instead, I was asked for patience as an even better piece was produced!


Here we have Quinlan and Dakkan in clearly happier times, exploring the forest and laughing at… something! PDQ wasn’t exactly sure what! Maybe Dakkan cracked a joke? Maybe they got to see Crim fall out of a tree? WHO KNOWS? All I know is that this piece is fantastic and I love it :) Seeing little slice-of-life scenes like this always makes me grin uncontrollably.

I also grinned uncontrollably when I saw the quickie follow-up that proposed what they were laughing at X)


Canid Deputy Derp doesn’t like being made fun of! HE WON’T HAVE ANY OF THAT! I can hear him in Graham Chapman’s voice now: “Right, stop that! It’s silly!”