And just like that (albeit late: sorry about that ~Rachel), Kenosh, Hardin, and the surviving Sratha-din escape into the wilderness, leaving a wounded Quinlan and Dakkan behind. Chapter 2 is fast coming to a close, but the true story, it seems, is just getting started!


This week, some relevant artwork from Clare at ClareNecessities! As I’ve said to many when I explain the story of Western Deep, everyone is the hero of their own story. One of the defining elements of Western Deep is that we try to tell the story from both the typical “good guy” and “bad guy” perspectives, letting the readers make their own decisions about who is right. For a lot of readers, Clare included, Hardin is their “hero” of choice — so perhaps a new website header is appropriate?


I have a soft spot for Hardin guest art, and absolutely love this alternate take on the logo image! If Hardin was telling this story, you can bet the spotlight would be pretty much exclusively centered on himself :)

Thanks so much for letting us post this up, Clare! We love it!