Getting down to the wire here on Chapter 2, it’s exciting to see how far the story has come for the characters involved, and how far they have yet to travel. We’re now only one page away from the end of the chapter, and getting ready to segue into a brand new series of side stories, starting first with Cain & Yurk, then transitioning into the side-chapter, Song of the Eastern Sands.

Apologies to all for the delayed pages and erratic update schedule. When we post the next (and final) page of Chapter 2, we’ll be resuming our standard Saturday updates once again.



I also wanted to take a moment to plug Armello once again, since it’s recently been released on PC and PS4! As I’ve mentioned before, I had the great opportunity to write a majority of the quests in the game, and Song of the Eastern Sands illustrator and frequent Western Deep guest artist Jerome Jacinto also created a number of cards that appear in the game!


Hopefully I’ll see you on Steam and we can play a few rounds :)

This week, some guest art from Kogawakenji featuring the world’s greatest diplomat of all time!


I love Koga’s take on our Lutren characters! Kenosh looks appropriately focused on the task at hand — be that negotiating with a Canid general or murdering a Canid general! Thank you so much for your amazing artwork! :D