Oooh, nap time! That’s what one gets for punching Dak — it’s the Advanced Theory of the Transitive Property of Dakkan-Punching. Also, I think this is only the second time we’ve ever experienced a “FLUMP” in the history of Beyond the Western Deep! Can you find the other one? Am I forgetting other ones? See how good your memory is, or at least how quickly you can re-read the extended library of comic pages to find it!

So, I missed a fun little Armello-related update before, and I feel like it’s a good opportunity for cross-promotional synergy as it were. I figure that readers of Western Deep will at least find some level of interest in a game about animal warriors with inspiration pulled from the Redwall books and others of that ilk — and on top of that, I also worked on a ton of writing for it!

The update in question is our latest character pack: The Bandit Clan. These scurrilous rogues (a fox, an otter, a badger, and a squirrel) are all after the king’s crown, and as you can see in this amazing new animated trailer, they’ve got the goods to make it happen!

For guest art this week, since this is the last we’ll be seeing of good ol’ one-eyed canid guard, I wanted to include this hilarious piece that SaraaLuna did for us in the comments section a couple weeks back that might not have made it onto everybody’s radar:

“Who’s my character? What’s my motivation?”

“I dunno, you really don’t like these two, I guess? You tortured one of ’em, maybe had a fun time doing it.”

“Gotcha. Guess I’ll be petty!”

I love how unsure he looks, like he’s not even entirely sure why he’s so salty, but will still super-commit to it because the canid are all method actors and can commit to anything.

As always, Saraa, your artwork elicited a good and proper chuckle from Rachel and myself — thank you so much for you continued contributions to the Salmon Party!