So, you might have noticed that the hallway on page 29 has been tweaked a little bit! That was a post-release update Rachel added to keep the layout of the area consistent (considering the location of the window above where Dakkan was chained up), but also ended up working for the betterment of the scene as a whole. As I mentioned in the page update, we absolutely do appreciate and encourage readers to point inconsistencies out to us — Rachel and I try to catch every detail, but sometimes we miss things!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: a great thing about the webcomic medium is that it allows us the opportunity to tweak and update pages without issue. If we wanted to make a change in a printed book, we’d have to wait until a second printing and pay through the nose for it! So we do appreciate the Salmon Party’s help in finding these inconsistencies when they pop up :)

So, anyone here follow the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) announcements? Some very cool games announced and previewed this year, one of which is being developed by some fantastic local Seattle talent — a team called PolyArc is working on a game for the PlayStation VR platform called Moss (no relation to Mossflower or Redwall or anything like that). I’d been following the lead animator’s work for a little while leading up to the announcement, so it was very cool seeing the game and its tiny protagonist in action. Check out the trailer below:

For guest art this week, I wanted to share some relevant pieces of artwork done by SaraaLuna following the publication of Part II of my Meridian Trail story last week! I was not in any way expecting fan-art of my prose, but Saraa had me grinning ear to ear with these “Banditpalooza” pieces. Check them out! Here we have Fray and Kell, two bandits in Locke’s crew:

And here we have Locke himself — the wanted ermehn criminal who leads the gang of miscreants we see in the story!

I love the grayscale coloring on everything but the tattoo inks — it really makes them pop! I also love the nose ring and shredded ears — it really fits his character!

And lastly, here is Ayden, the tamian bandit who learns a valuable lesson (maybe?) at the end of the story. I honestly didn’t have a robust visual image in my head for what he looked like, but now I do really like the idea of him as a burly bandit with a somewhat Crim-like body structure!

I love love love how these characters look, Saraa! Thank you so much for giving them proper form!