I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend planned! Here in Seattle we’re looking at sunny skies and temperatures that do not require the application of a hoodie to venture outdoors. This is, as I’ve learned, an anomaly that only really happens a few months out of the year — where otherwise it’s rainy or just plain cloudy. I plan to celebrate this weekend the best way I know how.

By building a new desktop PC. Natch.

Actually, the plan is to install Unity on that sucker and maybe start thinking about the Western Deep game a little bit. As you might remember from a while back, I had a little demo I was working on for an adventure game about a year or so ago, but that kinda fell through when I started doing work for DeNA and then got my full-time job at ArenaNet. I’d love to do something there officially, though I’ll have to have some discussions with Action Lab about it as well — since they hold the publishing rights to any games we do.

Interesting times all around!

Anyway, speaking of sunny skies, I wanted to share this very funny piece that Tronn did for us after Dakkan got socked in the mouth by Canidguard McPettyson!

Look at that sunny sky! Oh, also Dak’s looking pretty disgusted at how poorly his trip to Deltrada went. Quin, on the other hand, seems perfectly content (maybe it’s the cocktail he’s clearly been drinking?) and also hey he’s wearing a fanny pack! You know who else wears a fanny pack? DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON (circa 1994).

This is probably the only time ever where The Rock will appear as a direct comparison with Quinlan. Sorry, Quin. He IS The Rock after all.

Thank you so much for the fun guest art, Tronn!