What’s that old saying about rivers? They always come from somewhere and go somewhere else? They flow in one direction? They… um… they’ll get you wet, I guess? I don’t know where I was going with that one. All I know is, way back when, when I first wrote up this sequence, I had a very specific idea for what this room should look like and I kinda knew it would be tricky to pull off without me taking some architectural studies classes. BUT, as Rachel tends to do, she nailed it in like two passes. It blew my mind — and I’m incredibly happy with the result.

Speaking of happiness, did you know that Armello on Steam/PC/Mac is currently on sale for 40% off? For those who haven’t been around the last bunch of times I mentioned it, I worked on the quests for this wonderful “animals with swords” digital board game, as well as a number of prose novellas based on its incredibly deep lore that will be released sometime soon!


I highly recommend checking it out where possible!

This week for guest art, another great piece from RM Fung, this one a little sadder and more dramatic than the others. I’ll let him explain:

“This picture proposes a darker alternate conclusion to the end of Chapter 2. It answers the question of ‘what if Quin didn’t survive the shot?’ Here, Dak is holding Quin, seizing the last vestiges of comfort and sanity for himself since the jarring events just spurred by his father.”

Grim, right? But he quickly follows that up: “If that’s too much for you, you can just take it as Dak having a little more extra time to spend with Quin before they’re split up by Canid soldiers. (as canon dictates)”

I think I’ll take it as the latter, RM! Though admittedly, Quin and Dak have been put through the ringer quite a bit.

Thank you so much for the artwork, RM! The ending of chapter 2 was an incredibly intense sequence that Rachel and I are both very proud of, and we’re glad to see it having a lasting effect on readers! :)