Aha! So, Shield already saw this because she stayed up to when last week’s page went up and caught the first draft of my post (I apologize if you felt like you were going insane and text just disappeared for seemingly no reason), but YES to all who have been guessing this area serves as Deltrada’s water source! Rachel rightly observed that it’s bad pool to reveal something in the notes that isn’t revealed in the page — particularly when our protagonists are on the cusp of making that same realization. I don’t like getting out ahead of our characters, so that was a good catch.

I hope our American readers had a fantastic Fourth of July! My parents were visiting from the east coast, so I was pretty much hanging out with them nonstop for the entire week. We saw some great stuff, visited some great places, almost got hit by a train leaving a Seattle Mariners game, and saw some incredible fireworks at Safeco Field! Check out the incredible slo-mo capabilities of my iPhone made manifest:

This week we’ve got some fun guest art from Austin Bradley, a new reader who binged the entire comic so far! Also Austin appreciated these posts (which I have a lot of fun writing), so thank you!!

It’s Hardin! I looove the art style, Austin! I’ve said it many a time in the past, but the thing I love most about our wonderful guest art is that it lets us see Western Deep characters in a variety of art styles. Austin’s take on Hardin feels very much like it’d fit right at home in an animated Western Deep series!

Thank you so much for reading, and for sending over this incredible piece of Hardin!