Some readers speculated that Dak might try to shove Quinlan into a barrel and Hobbit their way out of this one. Well, obviously the canid guards barreling toward them (wordplay!) did not allow that to happen. Anybody got the Underwater Theme from Super Mario Bros. on cue? No? Well WHY NOT?

Instead of guest art this week, I wanted to take a moment to actually break away from the page and acknowledge some absolutely incredible work by Song of the Eastern Sands artist extraordinaire Jerome Jacinto.

As you may or may not know, Jerome does a good deal of video game artwork, ranging from cards and quest-givers in Armello, to a massive amount of work in the upcoming mobile card-battler Champions of the Shengha. But one of Jerome’s largest projects by far has been handling the key art for PocketWatch Games’ upcoming strategy game: Tooth and Tail. The PWG team actually came to hire Jerome because they had noticed his incredible Redwall fan works on DeviantArt — small world, right? Without further ado, here is the cinematic trailer for Tooth and Tail!

The pitch? Redwall meets the Russian Revolution. I know, I know. It sold me, too.

For an indie game from a relatively small team, the game has evolved into a massive undertaking, with Jerome’s incredible characters literally leading the charge in this wonderful trailer that features both his key artwork and the brilliant in-game pixel artwork of Adam DeGrandis. The music is also being done by the inimitable Austin Wintory, whose Grammy award-winning score for the game Journey remains one of the best musical scores for anything in recent memory.

I highly recommend checking out the game on Steam, GoG, and PS4 when it hits in September. In the meantime, please do check out the YouTube/Twitter/FB pages for the game and support Jerome’s work where you can!


We have some amazingly diligent members of the Salmon Party who offer up some incredible page-by-page illustrated responses to various comment threads and story theories. A couple weeks back, Jerijune caught onto the “shove Quin in a barrel and ride out of there” idea and gave us this wonderful scenario which could totally have happened in a Beyond the Western Deep adventure game! Perhaps that was one of the options available to you. Maybe it was even the smartest one! Who knows? I don’t!

All I know is that if Dak’s the one setting it up, the chances of it working flawlessly are… questionable at best.