And with these ominous words (and some even more ominous howling), it’s time to part with Quinlan and Dakkan for now. I know, it feels like we just got back to them after an extended absence, but we’ve actually been hanging out with these two for ALL OF 2017! It’s true, we dropped back in on Quin and his rather unfortunate meeting with Tosch back in late December.

We’re going to be taking a little break next week, but don’t you worry! We’ll still have a fun piece of filler for you all, so I do recommend swinging back regardless.

If you’re interesting in diving into the new Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire content, by the way, this weekend ArenaNet is doing a free demo event that lets everybody download and play the new expansion content for free this weekend. You can check out the relevant details right here!

Look at these adorable/awesome mounts! Horses are so last-generation. Why ride a horse when you could ride a FLYING MANTA RAY or a LEAPING VELOCIRAPTOR? Those are rhetorical questions.

For guest art this week, I wanted to share this fun piece by Jerijune to celebrate the ending of Quin and Dak’s current scene. Check it out:

The idea here is that in the TBD Western Deep RPG, Quin and Dak will need some team moves to take down foes and also help cement just how bro they are. If ever there was a Western Deep game with Quin and Dak, representing their friendship through game mechanics would be pretty important, so these team attacks would help demonstrate that in fun ways.

In this one, Dak gives Quin a leg-up so the tamian can get a bead on an approaching foe. A very cool move that probably costs… I dunno, 15 MP? Let’s say 15 MP.

Thanks for the awesome art, Jerijune! We all love it! :D