Hardin’s got this ‘long game’ thing planned out, and I can barely plan what I’m going to have for dinner on any given day. That’s one of the things I admire about the guy. Not so much with the murder and the manipulating and the superiority complex — those are things I can probably do without. But I’m pretty sure he at least knows what he’s doing for dinner on any given day.

This page also confirms something a few readers have asked us here and there regarding just how ‘animal’ our characters are. Hardin (and the ermehn in general) do go through molting periods similarly to their real-world brethren. When winter comes, you can rest assured of two things: Starbucks bringing back its Peppermint Mocha, and the ermehn getting a white winter coat.

Here, however, we’re seeing the coat return to its normal brown color following the usual winter white molt. Hardin may be seeing off Kenosh during a snowstorm in the second panel there, but it’s still springtime. I guess this counts as ‘nice’ for Hardin?

For guest art this week, a really nice sketch of Quinlan done by ChrisSketch on Twitter! Check it out:

For a simple sketch, it evokes a lot of character. Quin looks a little younger here — a little happier, and pre-ear-slice, too. Thank you so much for the awesome sketch, Chris!