Man, Hardin isn’t very good at deescalating situations, is he? Some people just aren’t very good at reading the room. Or the hulking ermehn barbarian standing inches away, for that matter.

As we’re right in the thick of the holiday season, my and Rachel’s collective schedules get a bit wonky. That said, our current policy for updates is to try and never post the “Sorry for no new stuff!” image. If we can’t get the page together in time, I want to make sure there’s at least a short story or guest image to tide folks over. That hasn’t changed, so don’t worry!

I wanted to give a little shout out this weekend to Guild Wars 2, which I’m currently helping out on as a narrative designer (fancy word for a writer). Our latest update, Daybreak, introduces a new interface for lore books you can find throughout the environment, kind of like the Elder Scrolls series. I had the opportunity to help write a BUNCH of these, so if you’ve got GW2, consider checking it out!

For guest art this week, a wonderful piece from regular Salmon Party contributor Jerijune! With the holiday season upon us, it’s lots of fun to see characters in-universe doing wintery things, such as what looks to be a teeny

Bevan and Rhosyn building a “snowmehn” somewhere in the Wastes!

CUUUUUTE! Thank you, Jeri!

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