Sometimes when I get really upset I need to take my anger out on something. Swinging an axe around and smashing stuff can be pretty cathartic — so much so that there’s a whole “rage industry” that lets patrons pay money to just smash things with their smashing implement of choice. In Rathik’s case, he’s got a boat that he was specifically instructed to scuttle, so two birds with one stone there.

The response we got from last week’s post was absolutely wonderful — thank you all so much for your kind words and support! As I said last week, we’re incredibly excited to share what our next steps are for Beyond the Western Deep. We’re still in a planning stage, but once we’ve got a plan all squared away, you can absolutely expect to see an update here, and in our official Western Deep Discord Server!

That’s right, it’s time to plug the Discord once again! Readers of all sorts have stopped in to say hello and chat with us about Western Deep, share their artwork with the community, and generally have fun. So if any of that sounds intriguing, feel free to stop by!

For guest art this week, here’s a wonderful piece by UrbanHart of a younger Ashtor!

I love Urban’s pencils and linework here, and Ashtor is really expressive here, evaluating the scroll in his hands with some degree of gravitas. I’ll bet he was a pretty cool fellow in his younger years. Thanks for the awesome picture, UrbanHart!