After a week’s hiatus to do a little conceptual groundwork, I’m glad to report that we’re back. And also that we’re back with Janik and Mitra–and that they have officially arrived in Cenolau!

“Wait, Cenolau? Aren’t they heading to Nessa?”

Yes, well, of course. But take a look at the map. Go on, check it out! I’ll wait.

You notice that Cenolau is pretty dang close to the halfway point between Terria and Nessa? Also between Aisling and Nessa. And Gair and Terria. And Lutra and Gair. IT’S THE HALFWAY POINT TO EVERYWHERE! Mostly. Sort of.

Cenolau is the symbolic center of the Four Kingdoms, where the treaty bearing its name was signed. Before then, Cenolau was a small but economically significant trading hub for the vulpin, who had founded the town long before. However, when the Treaty of Cenolau was signed, the town became much more, quickly growing into a popular city. It is much newer than the five capital cities that it lies between, and is much smaller. Still, it serves an important symbolic purpose for the Four Kingdoms, and to the vulpin.

The vulpin are technically in charge of the city (it falls within the border of Navran after all), but in keeping with the idea of the treaty and the alliances it brings, the city employs not just vulpin, but lutren, tamian, felis, and canid soldiers as well.