Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that it looks like something suspicious is going on here, but I’ll still chalk it up entirely to these canid being starstruck at seeing the assistant ambassador from Terria. I mean, these soldiers probably never get to see authority figures aside from their own commanders, right?

We’ll roll with that for now.

A few folks have asked already about past community Discord links going offline. That is true, this is a thing that has happened! In a nutshell, we’ve reached a point with the server where we need to better vet newcomers. We’re still figuring out how this system will work, so stay tuned!

No updates about the Kickstarter this week, though we are in talks with a couple folks to help us build a better and smoother campaign than if we just rolled with it ourselves. Hopefully we’ll have an update there in a couple weeks’ time.

Aside from that, nothing much new to report!

For guest art this week, I wanted to feature a wonderful piece that was shared with us a few months back by 0laffson on the Discord! It’s BEVAN!

Sans his trademark hood, as well! Could this be “Fall of the Evyn-din” era Bevan? Or maybe he’s just super relaxed right now and doesn’t feel the need to don it. Either way, I really love this piece–the style is obviously much different than we normally see him in, with more a more realistic style and more human-like proportions. It’s a different look for our young ermehn rogue, and I really like it! I hope that you decide to do more guest art in the future, 0laffson! :)