Hi again, everyone!

We’re just about to begin introducing the seven races that inhabit the land. This week, the focus is on the aftermath of the wars that ravaged the Four Kingdoms, and how the races dealt with one another in peacetime. In a nutshell, they couldn’t, and thus we wind up with multiple unique kingdoms instead of one united kingdom.

This page really pushes the theme of “you are reading the scrolls” more than the previous ones in that the layout is meant to portray a trio of unique scrolls layered on top of one another. The original thumbnail even posited this look right off the bat in the notes:

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Originally of course these were just three separate 1/3 panels, but making them look more like the edges of a scroll really gives them a dimension that you just couldn’t achieve in the fiction normally.

Also, you’ll notice more Felis script on the page! For those keeping track, here is a little hint for some of the lettering:

Between these letters and the ones from the Prologue/Coming Soon page, plus any others you can discern, that should be a pretty hefty chunk of the Felis alphabet by this point! Stay tuned next week as we begin to examine the seven races of the land, and learn more about their place and purpose in the world of the Western Deep!