Hardly a discount indeed! But she really wants that necklace, so there’s no telling what will happen next! Jerome’s expressions for the various characters are always fun to see come together, and Beck’s are no exception.


There are also some fun little details I love about the translation from thumb to final page. For example, in the thumbnail, the first panel shows that mid-range close-up of Beck’s outwardly-stretched claw. It hints at desire, maybe a slight compulsion. In the final page, Jerome actually hammed up the moment — and by adding that second snapshot panel of the ultra-close-up, you get the distinct impression that Beck might actually be thinking about stealing the necklace. Scandalous!

I’m in New Jersey today, at the Action Lab table (910) and at the Action Lab panel (at noon)! I’m getting ready to leave right as I type this post up, so if you see me today and go “Alex, that post you wrote today was really short!” Then my response would be “It’s because I needed to get here on time, and also I already wrote this exchange in the post, so this is very weird!”

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

This week for guest art, we’ve got another surprise bit of awesomeness from fishotterchen of Quinlan and Dakkan hanging out and having a good time! After the events of the last chapter, it’s nice to see these two goofing off a bit!


Thank you SO much for the artwork, fishotterchen! I have the softest of soft spots for things that involve our characters A.) Drinking with mugs and B.) Having a good time. I’m also partial to tavern scenes (which is why I’m looking forward to posting a great piece by Jerijune next week as well — you’ll all love it!) Thank you again, fishotterchen! We absolutely love how you do these two :)